Arts Ms. Julie Glaude

Ms. Julie is a northern girl who has always had a passion for the arts and teaching. She received her formal training at Cambrian College, where she obtained a diploma in Advanced Fine Arts.    Ms. Julie's personal art practice has allowed her to branch out, and explore a wide variety of artistic media, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and drawing; to name a few. Julie is also very interested in the dramatic arts, and works as a professional dancer. Creativity is her way of life!

In the last few years, Julie has made Toronto her home. The diversity and vivacious energy of the city inspire her work. On the other hand, Julie also loves the outdoors and often finds solace in the peace and quiet of her northern roots.    Julie loves to work independently, as well as collaboratively. She enjoys teaching because the curious nature of her students and the different experiences that each individual brings to the table, help fuel her own creative process.